IPMB will officially launch on the 30th of October 2023 exclusively on Changelly.com for everybody to buy and sell. On Monday the 30th we finally go live. We have spent time developing the project and ecosystem and we are thrilled to announce we are finally ready to show the world IPMB. Take a brief look at our ecosystem and the benefits of buying IPMB and GeMs below.

The Two-Token Model

IPM Ltd introduces an innovative two-token system that promises to revolutionize gold ownership. 

Introducing IPMB Tokens & GeM NFTs

GeM NFTs (Globally exchanged Metals): These are non-fungible tokens, each representing 1 gram of securely vaulted gold. They can be traded, staked, or even converted into physical gold after a certain period.

IPMB tokens (International Precious Metals Bullion): These can be used to purchase GeM tokens at discounted rates. Each IPMB token indirectly represents 1 gram of gold that is active in the IPMB ecosystem, allowing IPMB’s price to diverge from the price of gold according to macroeconomic factors as well as the additional utility of the IPMB token. We also aim to further the utility of IPMB by offering discounts at various retailers and companies in the future.

This allows the IPMB ecosystem to be attractive to both institutional and retail investors.

The Advantages of Owning Tokenized Gold with IPMB and GeMs

The benefits of our digital gold ownership are plentiful:

Utility: IPMB offers investors a groundbreaking discount on physical gold when purchasing GeMs through the process of staking IPMB, along with the aim to also offer discounts on household and luxury products from multiple industries across the globe in the future.

Transparency and Traceability: Every gram of tangible gold in the IPMB ecosystem can be traced back to its source, ensuring ethical sourcing and processing.

Cost Covered: All of the costs of owning tangible gold are covered by IPM Ltd such as insurance and storage. 

Flexibility: Investors have the option to trade their tokens or convert them into physical gold, offering both liquidity and tangible ownership.

Security: The integration of blockchain technology ensures that transactions are secure, transparent, and tamper-proof.

For more information about who we are and what we do feel free to follow the links below.


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John Vakis

CEO & Founder – IPM Ltd

John is a company entrepreneur and has traded gold for multinational banks for 25 years. He’s worked in mines, mining processes, logistics, and bullion dealing. Sovereign Funds and Multinationals have noticed his value-creating ability. He supplies metal to global refineries and advises on precious metal recovery, solving supply chain problems on all continents.