Monday 30th October, 2023, is a date firmly etched in our minds, though it has not yet arrived. The anticipation is both exhilarating and humbling as we prepare to introduce a product of profound significance to the world – one that stands as a pivotal moment for the gold and crypto industries.

Ideas are conceived frequently, but they often remain mere concepts without the right individuals by your side. In our case, co-founding with Mihai Albu and Scott Pagel has been instrumental. Mihai, with his unwavering drive, networking prowess, and problem-solving tenacity, has been an enormous driving force behind our journey. Scott, a seasoned investor and astute analyst, brings his financial acumen and keen sense of clarity to our team. Together, it has been an honour to launch the IPMB ecosystem.

Tradition and innovation are often seen as separate concepts, but we hold deep respect for both. We recognize that stability and security, the pillars of tradition, underpin the freedom and progress of innovation. It is within this ethos that we harmoniously merge the timeless legacy of gold and its multifaceted capabilities with today’s cutting-edge technology, allowing the world to reap the benefits of both. Within this ethos, we proudly introduce IPMB and GeM to the world.

The IPMB Ecosystem offers participants the opportunity to earn rewards on their token holdings through a process known in the crypto industry as staking.

For the first time in history, holding gold through our GeM NFTs grants you the dual benefits of owning a precious asset and watching your holdings grow via annual staking rewards. It’s a safe and secure way to save, putting you in total control of your financial future. Meanwhile, our utility token, IPMB, grants you discounts for accessing GeM NFTs and in the future, a host of other global products and services.

We’ve seamlessly integrated hardware and software into an independent, politics-free, geography-agnostic system. This means that individuals, entities, and countries can have their resources valued on equal footing, without incurring additional costs, interest charges, or political restrictions. This is empowerment in its truest sense, offering instant, tangible benefits to all who engage with our ecosystem.

We’ve created a comprehensive vertical integration of our physical operations into the global digital space, ensuring accessibility for all. By combining the attributes of gold ownership with the promise of substantial rewards, we aim to redefine the landscape. Furthermore, we proudly declare that we are the first ecosystem to provide complete transparency regarding the source and historical provenance of every gram of gold in our system. Our commitment extends to the highest standards of environmental, social, and governance practices, marking a historic achievement within the gold industry.

Our vision is to foster a global community, supporting nations in realising the full value of their resources without compromising their sovereignty or resorting to foreign loans. We aspire to make our coin the preferred choice worldwide.

With a limited supply of 200,000,000 coins, we invite you to join us on this remarkable journey and build your foundation and legacy with IPMB.

Find out more at www.ipmb.com

John Vakis

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John Vakis

CEO & Founder – IPM Ltd

John is a company entrepreneur and has traded gold for multinational banks for 25 years. He’s worked in mines, mining processes, logistics, and bullion dealing. Sovereign Funds and Multinationals have noticed his value-creating ability. He supplies metal to global refineries and advises on precious metal recovery, solving supply chain problems on all continents.