Launching on the 30th of October 2023, IPMB embarks on a transformative journey to fuse the intrinsic value of tangible gold with the revolutionary capabilities of blockchain technology. This groundbreaking integration offers investors a resilient and secure pathway to engage with the world’s most esteemed precious metal, gold, within the dynamic realms of blockchain innovation.

A Fusion of Tangible Gold and Blockchain

IPMB’s pioneering approach meticulously intertwines the tangible essence of gold, sourced in alignment with LBMA and OECD norms, with the technological brilliance of blockchain. The initiative is fortified by a robust framework of regulations and security protocols that encompass the entirety of the operational spectrum—from the gold mines in Africa and South America to the secure vaults and the intricate architectures of the smart contracts within the IPMB ecosystem.

Regulatory Adherence: A Pillar of Stability

Navigating the multifaceted landscapes of global regulations, IPMB has strategically curated its operations to resonate with legal precision and compliance. The project emphasizes adherence to international standards and regulations, and engages continuously with regulatory frameworks, ensuring a harmonious alignment with essential legal classifications and global standards.

Securities and Commodities Laws: IPMB operates with meticulous precision in legal classifications and regulatory adherence, ensuring a robust alignment with essential legal frameworks. Collaborating closely with regulatory authorities, IPMB already has a European Crypto Asset Services Provider (CASP) license and has notified and applied for further licenses in other jurisdictions. IPMB navigates the complexities of securities and commodities laws with a proactive and strategic approach. Under the scrutiny of frameworks such as the Howey Test, IPMB’s token, symbolizing ownership of Investment-Grade Gold, is carefully positioned outside the conventional boundaries of commodities and securities, thereby avoiding specific securities regulations. This alignment, complemented by adherence to technical standards such as the ERC20 on the Polygon Network, fosters a legal posture that is both proactive and fortified, enabling IPMB to secure essential licenses and authorizations, mitigate potential risks, and ensure steadfast compliance and operational security across its ecosystem.

Price Stability and Tokenomics

IPMB’s tokenomics emanate stability, with the token’s valuation closely aligned with the price of gold. The operational philosophy is deeply rooted in ESG checks, ensuring ethical sourcing and production, and fortified by insurance strategies from global insurance underwriters.

Transparent and Auditable Operations

IPMB’s commitment to transparency and accountability is underscored by detailed reporting and third-party auditing by reputable entities like Grant Thornton Blockchain (Cyprus) Limited. Collaborative engagements, annual inventory checks, and monthly audits ensure meticulous oversight, reinforcing IPMB’s stature as a credible and trustworthy investment avenue.


IPMB seeks to emerge as a monumental role model of stability and innovation on the blockchain. Its visionary fusion of gold and the virtual world, enriched by steadfast adherence to regulatory excellence and strategic tokenomics, heralds a new era of secure and resilient investment opportunities within the cryptocurrency landscape.

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John Vakis

CEO & Founder – IPM Ltd

John is a company entrepreneur and has traded gold for multinational banks for 25 years. He’s worked in mines, mining processes, logistics, and bullion dealing. Sovereign Funds and Multinationals have noticed his value-creating ability. He supplies metal to global refineries and advises on precious metal recovery, solving supply chain problems on all continents.